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Are supplements important? You bet they are. You want to get healthy and stay that way? Read More.
Glycemic Index
Carbohydrates are an important source of energy. Are all carbs the same? No, they aren't. Some are bad news.  Read More.
Free radicals attacking your cells are the cause of degenerative diseases!!! We need huge amounts of antioxidants to combat them.  Read More.
Cellular Nutrition
Feed your cells and protect them. If your cells are healthy so are you.  Read More.

Cellular Nutrition
Power of Water
Free Radicals
Losing Weight
Glycemic Index
















Nutrition, Food & Supplements

You are what you eat. This is so true today. And to make things worse most of us eat such poor diets it is no wonder cancer, diabetes, heart disease  & obesity are issues. Eating proper nutrition is important to your health and well being.

We live too short and die too long

Ask yourself this question, are you looking forward to a long, healthy and fun retirement? Or are you waiting and wondering what degenerative disease will be yours to live with till you die?

It doesn't have to be that way. You can be healthy into your retirement

Ever hear someone say if I'd known I was going to live this long I would've taken better care of myself? Well, you are only given one body. Too bad we aren't given an instruction manual along with it. But that is no excuse for not learning how to take care of yourself and loved ones. You have a lifetime to figure out how to care for your body. And you only have one go at this, make it your best. Live long and prosper. (1)

Not knowing how to best take care of yourself is not totally your fault.

There are huge influences out there that make money if you aren't healthy. And these influences have a direct impact on the information being given to us on how to stay healthy. They spend a whole lot of money to get misinformation out. And in our ever changing fast paced lives, with the information changing so rapidly it is easy to include misinformation on purpose. Knowledge is power. Take charge of your own health and well being. 

What is here:
bulletAntioxidants & Free Radicals  - more than 70 degenerative diseases are caused by free radicals damaging the cells in your body over the years. Read what a free radical is and how antioxidants can help you fight the damage with antioxidants.
bulletAspartame and artificial sweeteners - These things are BAD news. This is group of products you shouldn't use.  Make sure your kids aren't consuming them, either. These are worse than you can imagine. It's a HUGE business with lots of profits at the expense of your health. Read here.
bulletCellular Nutrition - Your body is replacing cells in it every second. If you feed those new cells proper, optimum nutrients you will have healthy cells. Feed them junk and you will have junk cells and sickness. This is a fundamental basis of health.
bulletTreating Cholesterol with Statin Drugs - treating a problem or creating one? - "To date, none of the large trials of secondary prevention with statins has shown a reduction in overall mortality in women. Perhaps more critically, the primary prevention trials have shown neither an overall mortality benefit, nor even a reduction in cardiovascular end points in women. This raises the important question whether women should be prescribed statins at all. I believe that the answer is clearly no." - Malcolm Kendrick MD
bulletDrug Companies - Forty-five percent (45%) of the US population is taking at least one prescription drug regularly. There are drugs today for problems we didn't know we had a few years ago. We should be trying to stay healthy and avoid drugs. How is this happening? You want to talk about BIG business influencing information read this. Especially read "Suddenly Sick" from the Seattle Times on the next page and that story about the medical schools. You need to know that information. We all do. It will change what happens on your next visit to your doctor.
bulletFish Oil is Better Than Drugs for Preventing Heart Failure - Studies show fish oil supplements work better than a popular cholesterol-reducing drug to help patients with chronic heart failure, according to recently released research. Make sure you take pharmaceutical grade fish oil.
bulletFoods -  You are what you eat - The Food Pyramid we have so long been told to use as a guideline is misinformation at best! It was updated recently but modified by BIG Business before it was released. Read More There is a healthy Food Pyramid.
bulletGenetically Modified Foods (GMO's) - This is more widespread then you can imagine. Are GMO foods safe to eat? What are the long term implications? Are we letting a dangerous genie out of the bottle? You have to read this for your own knowledge and health.
bulletGlycemic Index or Want to know why you can't lose weight? - Forget simple & complex carbs, think high & low glycemic index. Want to lose weight or learn why you can't lose? A diet of high glycemic carbs will take you on a path towards insulin resistance and diabetes. READ THIS.
bulletHeart Attacks - The French eat more fat, smoke more cigarettes and drink more wine, yet they have the lowest rates of  cardiovascular disease in the western world and one of the longest life expectancy. Homocysteine levels also have a direct relationship to heart attacks. Click here to read more
bulletMust Read - Heart Surgeon Admits Huge Mistake! Dwight Lundell MD You must read this article. Dr. Lundell has done over 5,000 open heart surgeries in a 25 year period. He says in this article that it is real tough for any doctor to admit a mistake, but he does so here. According to him we have been given wrong information. Cholesterol is not the problem. The cause of heart attacks is inflammation. And that is caused by what we were told would help us not have a heart attack. He explains what changes you need to make to prevent this inflammation. Aspirin is not one of them. This is MUST read.
bullet Myth #2: Cholesterol is the Cause of Heart Disease and Statins are the Answer - I read this article on Total Health Breakthroughs and had to share it. It was written by Tim Reynolds MD. I got the ok to reprint it here. A must read.
bulletHomocysteine - It is very unlikely you had your homocysteine levels checked during your last medical exam. You should have. It is a measure of the inflammation that is occurring in your body. And these levels are a direct reflection of whether you are a candidate for a heart attack. It is inflammation not cholesterol levels that cause heart attacks. Also read Dr. Lundell's article "Heart Surgeon admits Huge Mistake."
bulletOsteoporosis - The Mayo Clinic defines osteoporosis as meaning "porous bones." It causes the bones to become weak and brittle so brittle that even mild stresses like bending over, lifting a vacuum cleaner or coughing can cause a fracture. In most cases, bones weaken when you have low levels of calcium, phosphorus and other minerals in your bones. Want to learn what causes Osteoporosis, click here.
bulletPop and Soda - More people drink this stuff than consume water. There is nothing good about drinking carbonated beverages like pop/soda. Empty calories at best, poison to your body at worse. And then toss in artificial sweeteners in the soda to make a bad situation even worse. Want to rot your teeth and create some health issues for yourself, keep drinking soda pop.
bulletRDA (Recommended Daily Requirement) -  The minimum daily requirements were never meant to be a guideline as to what an average person needs each day. The RDA was established as a minimum or floor. Get less than these levels and you can expect health problems. The RDA's have been increased multiple times. Optimum daily needs should be the criteria not minimum. Minimum daily requirements keep you from getting rickets and scurvy. Optimum levels can help you stay away from cancer and heart disease. Read this.
bulletSupplements - Do I need supplements? Don't we get the nutrition we need from the foods we eat? What vitamins should we be taking? What should we look for in a supplement? And what is a supplement? What do those labels actually mean? Does the FDA regulate supplements? Is what we read or hear from the media really truth? Where does that information come from? What does your doctor know about the value of nutrition and supplements?
bulletVitamin D Prevents Cancer - According to researchers at the Moore's Cancer Center at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) increased levels of Vitamin D3 could prevent 600,00 cases of breast and colorectal cancers each year. 150,000 in the US alone. This applies especially to countries north of the equator.
bulletLinks - for more information or products:
bullet "There is a great reference book called The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements (Fourth Edition) by Lyle MacWilliam that can help you choose a quality nutritional supplement. Here are some things to look for in identifying a quality supplement brand:

Pharmaceutical Grade: A brand that follows the pharmaceutical model for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), not just Food-Grade GMP. There is a huge difference. Food-grade basically means the products cannot cause harm and cannot have visible animals parts. Pharmaceutical model is a whole different level of quality and standards, and most companies do not follow these standards.

Potency Guaranteed: Make sure that the product you select is guaranteed to have in the bottle what is listed on the label. Studies from Yale New Haven Hospital and Tufts University Medical School in Boston have shown that many supplement brands do not have the correct ratios of ingredients of nutrients to each other, and were missing some nutrients altogether. In many cases, what it said on the label was not even in the bottle."- Dr. Ladd McNamara
bullet Dr. Ladd McNamara -
bullet Dr. Ray Strand -



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