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Our Store of Products
Products we endorse and use.

In our travels through life we have found some products that we use and recommend to others. In most cases we do get paid a referral fee for referring people to the specific company. That is how we pay for the efforts of keeping this information and page on the web.

We encourage you to take a look at the different things we have found. They range from Short Term Medical Insurance to pet food to Prepaid Legal to the top line of supplements. Below is a short paragraph on each company or product.


After years of taking supplements we finally found the one. A pharmaceutical grade product that delivers what is on the label. The company does its own manufacturing to guarantee the quality.

Finally a nutritional you can actually trust. We have years of experience using and referring them. Everyone should be supplementing their diet with a daily multi-vitamin. We have seen what others might even call miracles occur all from just adding vital minerals and nutrients to the diet.

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Quality Pet Food -
The Thinking Person's Pet Food

 We are both animal people to a fault. Dogs and cats in particular. The pet food you find in the store is bad news. Dogs and cats have unique dietary needs that are missed or worse by off the shelf pet foods. Seeking a better food for our pets we met a very unique company out of Michigan that offers proper food for dogs, cats and horses.

They also have people food. Does that give you an idea of the quality of the food? So if you love your pet and want it to live long and prosper, don't feed it the cheapest stuff you can find. You will only make it suffer long term, just like you would eating the same stuff.

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Legal Insurance - Most of us have legal issues on a regular basis but never bother to call an attorney about them since it is going to cost so much. Ever signed a contract without an attorney reading it first? That's not a good idea since that contract was written by an attorney for the person that gave you the contract to sign. What if you could pay a nominal membership fee which allows you to call an attorney as many times as you want on any topic including reviewing legal contracts. Kind of like what an HMO is to a medical doctor, this company is to lawyers. We have used this product for years and saved countless dollars and heartaches. Highly recommend it. Pretty sad when it is better to be rich and guilty then poor and innocent. Or you have to check your wallet before you can check your rights. Equal justice for all?

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Short Term Medical Insurance- Dennis is a full time insurance agent. One of his companies offers a national short term medical plan for people in between coverage. Priced right and you can actually purchase it from a web page so we included it here.

horizontal rule - everyone can have an store so we do too. We bought so many things ourselves from Amazon it only made sense to have a store relationship. Plus so many of the things we discuss here have authors and books attached to them. So for you and our convenience and rapid access to certain books and favorite things, our store.

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