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What is new on this web page?

We add new pages periodically as time permits. If you are a regular visitor to these pages, you will not know what has been added without going through all the pages. So to make this process a little easier we are adding this page to list what is new to these web pages.

February 2009

bulletHeart Attacks - I got some new information that will rock your socks off concerning heart attacks. Pretty sad that most people who have heart attacks have "normal" cholesterol levels and that more people will have a heart attack this year than any year prior. Something is wrong here. I added several new articles listed below that you have to read. We have been misinformed at best. Cholesterol levels have nothing to do with heart attacks. Statin drugs are not an answer. The problem is inflammation which causes the LDL to stick to your artery walls and then cause blockage.
bullet Myth #2: Cholesterol is the Cause of Heart Disease and Statins are the Answer - I read this article on Total Health Breakthroughs and had to share it. It was written by Tim Reynolds MD. I got the ok to reprint it here. A must read.
bullet Heart Surgeon Admits Huge Mistake! Dwight Lundell MD You must read this article. Dr. Lundell has done over 5,000 open heart surgeries in a 25 year period. He says in this article that it is real tough for any doctor to admit a mistake, but he does so here. According to him we have been given wrong information. Cholesterol is not the problem. The cause of heart attacks is inflammation. And that is caused by what we were told would help us not have a heart attack. He explains what changes you need to make to prevent this inflammation. Aspirin is not one of them. This is MUST read.

January 2009

bulletRecommended Daily Allowance  What is it and how did it get set? The RDA was developed during World War II by Lydia J. Roberts, Hazel K. Stiebeling and Helen S. Mitchell under the auspices of the National Research Council. The National Research Council determined that a set of dietary standards were needed, especially given the possibility that rations would be needed during the war. The standards would be used for nutrition recommendations for the armed forces, for civilians, and for overseas population who might need food relief.
bullet Suggested Optimal Daily Nutritional Allowances (SONA) Researchers at the University of Alabama worked out an optimum recommendation for every nutrient and called the amounts Suggested Optimal Nutrient Allowances or SONAs.

October 2008

bulletTreating Cholesterol with Statin Drugs - treating a problem or creating one? In the January 2007's copy of the Lancet, an editorial examined this issue. The editorial presented the results of their own review of a total of 8 predominantly primary prevention trials. This showed that statin therapy was NOT effective in reducing overall risk of death. The study found that risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes were reduced by statin therapy, but that this amounted to a real reduction to the tune of 1.5 per cent. What is more, 67 individuals would need to be treated for 5 years for just one ‘event’ to be prevented. One of the most startling findings of this review was that there was no apparent benefit seen in women (of any age) nor in men over the age of about 70. Click here to read more.
bulletHigh Levels of Homocysteine Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease - According to the Mayo Clinic excessive levels of homocysteine in your blood may increase your risk of stroke, certain types of heart disease, and disease of the blood vessels of the arms, legs and feet (peripheral artery disease). In 1969, Dr. Kilmer McCully published in the American Journal of Pathology a report that high-normal serum levels of homocysteine  constituted a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Click here for this page.
bulletWarning: Are Your Vitamin D Test Results Valid?  Vitamin D deficiency is rampant not just in the U.S., but worldwide, and research into vitamin D status and its effects on your health has grown tremendously in the past couple of years, showing that previously recommended levels are insufficient to reap any major health benefits. This has led to a surge in vitamin D testing, with labs doing some 500,000 tests per month! Unfortunately, recent developments in 2008 have made it clear that there are irregularities in the values obtained from the different testing methods. Click here.
bulletVitamin D myths, facts and statistics Most people don't know the real story on vitamin D and health. So here's an overview taken from an interview between Mike Adams and Dr. Michael Holick. Click here
bulletDietary Supplement Fact Sheet: Vitamin D from the Government Office of Dietary Supplements click here

September 2008

bullet Buy Your Poison - Aspartame, Diet Soda, Splenda- by Dr. Leo Rebello You buy the poison; you buy the disease. There is nothing good about artificial sweeteners. Worse, there are some really bad things. I mean really bad things. Dr. Rebello outlines two of the worse ones, Aspartame and Splenda. And he tells how bad diet soda pop is for you. Click here for this page.
bullet The section on Vitamin D has been modified into a sub section of its own. There is a lot of new information about the value of Vitamin D coming out. A lot of links have been included on the pages to help you with your research. Click here to go to that new section.
bulletFish oil is extremely important to your health. It is the most widely consumed of all supplements. Some new pages and information were added on the value of pharmaceutical grade fish oil. Good stuff. Click here for that section.
bulletOmega-3 is pretty important. We need optimum amounts of Omega-3 for our health. Most of us consume far too much Omega-6. Without offsetting Omega-3, your health could be jeopardized by too much Omega-6. You can get Omega-3 from your diet in certain cold water fish oil or from foods like walnuts and flax oil. (This page has been changed and added to.) Click here to for that section.

April 2008

bulletKlebsiella planticola - a Good Example of Why GMO is a real bad idea -  a new page was added to the GMO section about how a certain bacteria was modified that could have killed every living plant on the face of the earth. Scary stuff. Click here for that page
bulletDo the French Know Something about Heart Disease We Don't?- The diet of the French is contrary to what we are told is healthy yet their heart disease rate is far less than ours. What is going on? Well, their diet is different and red wine is a powerful antioxidant. Click here of that page.
bulletThe Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) pages were modified with new information and details. Click here for that section.
bulletAyurveda - The Science of Life. What is Ayurvedic Medicine? I was doing some reading on this and found it quite interesting so I included a page on Ayurvedic Medicine. Thousands of years medical science. Click here for that page.
bulletMilk, Nature's Most Perfect Food??? Milk is not nature's most perfect food. In fact it could be causing you health issues. I quite using milk products 20 some years ago. So here is some information on why adults should not be drinking milk. Your children probably shouldn't either. Especially now. The milk you buy in the store is NOT the milk you drank when you were growing up. Click here for that page.

February 2008

bulletARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS - This is someone's idea of a bad joke. What on earth would make anyone think we need some kind of artificial product to make things sweet. What, a little of sweetness makes the poison go down? What if I could show you the sweeteners may be poison in themselves. Click here for that section
bulletSugar - I know, we are all addicted to it. Watch what happens when you give a child sugar for the first time. Addictive? Worse than heroin. Bad for your health, you bet. Mess up your digestive system, yep. A little bit of sugar makes the medicine go down... Click here for that page.
bulletDo Our Vegetables Really Contain Vitamins and Minerals? I hate to break this to you but the factory farm vegetables you get in the store may look good but they do not contain the vitamins and minerals they use to. The USDA does a report each year on the nutrition of our vegetables and fruit. The nutritional quality of our produce has decreased every year since the report was required. Click here for that page.
bulletWe use and recommend a line of pharmaceutical grade supplements that are rated number 1 in the US and Canada by a third party that rates supplements. I added this page to say what we use for our health. Click here for that recommendation page.
bulletHow Do You Know What Supplements to Take? - How did we determine what vitamin supplement to take every day. We used the Comparative Guide for Nutritional Supplement published in Canada. It rates a 1,000+ supplements. Click here for that page
bulletOrganic Food - what is the definition of organic as defined by the FDA? Included for your information. Click here for that page.
bulletCellular Nutrition - This is an important concept for health, feed your cells properly and remove any bad influences then protect your cells if you want to be healthy. New cells are replacing your old worn out ones every second of every minute of every day. Do you want healthy cells or sick ones? Click here for this page.

December 2007

bulletDonabee, the owner of this web page and a contributor, wrote out her experiences using the supplements we recommend. She has a car accident about four years ago which opened some doors to us and really started this whole process including this web page. Can a high grade supplement make a difference in your health? You have to read this to understand the answer to that question is an unqualified yes. Click here for that page.
bulletCommon Medications Poison The Elderly - The FDA released a surprising report on November 29, 2007 saying that they FDA cannot protect the American public from toxic drug reactions. Prescription drug toxicity is a real problem in this country especially among the elderly. Over 100,000 US citizens die each year from drug reactions. Another 3 million are hospitalized from drug reactions. Half of those people are conveniently already in the hospital. (In fact if you add the number of deaths from drug reactions to the deaths in hospitals, the total is the third leading cause of death in the US.) The FDA has not responded to this threat to our health. Click here for this page.

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